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Team Of Sound (Radio)

General Characteristics

Sound system of the current models. In perfect operation state.
In this team they will be able to be carried out all the mensurations and corresponding tests as in a vehicle.
It will be given with the technical documentation corresponding with their respective electric outlines and control.


  • Radio with cassette, mask extract it, with programmable memoirs and independent control of sound allotment
  • Loader of 6 CDS
  • Stage of power of 50W with sound separation in each channel burdens, means and sharp
  • With 2 serious speakers (7-8), 2 means (4-5) and 2 tuiter and filters.
  • Electric antenna
  • Simulation of mishaps and not-parasitic system
  • Installed on board and easel with wheels.
  • I equip electric of the vehicle with original connectors.
  • Taking of feeding of 12 volts.
  • It will be given with the technical documentation and corresponding electric outline as well as an electric outline.