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Motor Of Injection Electronic Gasoline

General Characteristics

  • Motor of injection electronic gasoline.
  • Completing the normative of antipollution
  • Installed on it supports / easel with wheels with control.
  • System not pulling up with coded key.
  • With box of changes.
  • Deposit of fuel and recycled of gases with active coal (Canister).
  • With probe Lambda in the escape (catalyst).
  • Complete refrigeration team.
  • Complete feeding team.
  • It will be given with complete square of instruments (the one that takes of origin the vehicle, with indicator of battery load, pressure of oil, indicator of temperature and bill-revolutions).
  • It will have a system of simulation of 10 mishaps in a box with key.
  • It also includes exit it stops taking of diagnosis that will allow to verify the control unit as well as the diverse parameters and memory of the control unit (with the team of diagnosis of the own mark or universal terminal)
  • It will be given with the corresponding technical documentation and electric outlines for their possible disassembly.