Maquetas industriales de Galicia

<h1>MIGAL</h1> <h2>Maquetas Industriales de Galicia</h2>

Multipoint Injection Exhibition Panel

General Characteristics

This scale model is assembled with genuine parts of a vehicle in perfect operation condition.
It will be possible to carry out all the measurements and tests like in a real vehicle.
It comes with an electronic diagram and the corresponding documentation, as well as the control data


  • Control unit
  • Neutral gear motor
  • Air pressure pick up.
  • Injection ramp .
  • Injector.
  • fuel pressure regulator .
  • Reel and ignition sparkplugs.
  • Speed pick up .
  • Water temperature pick up.
  • Air temperature pick up.
  • Electrical circuit .
  • 12 V power.
  • Diagnostic plug.
  • Control lamp.


This scale model will have a behavior like that of a vehicle in which it will be able to be carried out all the controls and rules characteristic of the same one. It will also be able to be carried out a control through the taking of diagnosis. Being very useful to impart classes of didactic support so much in the theory classroom like the shop of practical.


  • K-Jetronic
  • Ke-Jetronic
  • Simultaneous
  • Groups
  • Sequential