Maquetas industriales de Galicia

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Panel Of Brakes ABS

General Characteristics

  • This scale model will have a behavior as if it was a vehicle in which will be able to be carried out all the electric controls as in the same one.
  • They will be able to be carried out classes of didactic support as much in shop as in the theory classroom.
  • All the components in perfect operation state.
  • Installed on it supports / easel with wheels.
  • Feeding 12 volts battery.
  • Control of mishaps potentials:
  • So much to polímetro level and oscilloscope, like with a terminal of universal diagnosis


  • Servobrake.
  • Control bomb
  • Hydraulic block
  • Four indicative gauges of pressure of having braked.
  • Four captators
  • Four rotate phonetics controlled by motors with variation of speed.
  • Control unit.
  • Electric circuit (according to model).
  • Diagnosis lamp.
  • They will be able to be carried out all the team controls through a multimeter and oscilloscope as well as through a terminal of universal diagnosis.


  • Systems Bosch
  • Systems Bendix
  • Systems Teves