Maquetas industriales de Galicia

<h1>MIGAL</h1> <h2>Maquetas Industriales de Galicia</h2>

Panel With 4 Circuits Of Ignition

General Characteristics

  • It consists of 1 it supports enmaquetado with the following ignition teams:
  • Lit by contacts (platinum) with standard reel.
  • Inductive solid-state electronic ignition.
  • Ignition electronic solid-state effect hall.
  • Integral electronic ignition (without distributor, reel Dis).
  • With all the connections for their correct operation.
  • One can work at the same time in the 4 ignitions.
  • Installed on it supports / easel with wheels.
  • Taking of feeding of 12 volts.
It will be given with the technical documentation corresponding with their respective electric outlines and control data.