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Scale Model Of Closes Centralized With Alarm And Intermittent

General Characteristics

  • The team will consist of a panel with all the elements of series of a vehicle, of those manufactured at the moment in our country. In perfect operation state
  • Mounted on an easel with wheels
  • It would wire visible frontal with original connectors of the vehicle
  • It will have an electric circuit, with intermittence control, 4 intermittent and switch of danger
  • It will consist of locks and electric motors corresponding to 4 doors and porter.
  • It will have an active system of security against robbery (it alarms).
  • Send at distance
  • Connection to the centralized closing
  • Siren of high power
  • Detecting of blows
  • Volumetric protection of the abode
  • Function courtesy light
  • Illumination of intermittent (with intermittent) when activating or to disable the alarm
  • Function connection of the electricity fan of the refrigeration
  • LED of connection signaling with alarm memory
  • Emergency key
  • Possibility of conection partial remote additional modules of alarm (modulate closing of windows)
  • In this team they will be able to be carried out all the mensurations and tests corresponding to a vehicle.
  • It will be given with an electric outline of operation and the complete manual of instructions of the alarm.


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